Ully Sampaio

Contributor Program Manager


Ully Sampaio has a background in Marketing and Events with a true passion for building relationships. At Elastic, she learned more about DevRel and fell in love with working with the tech community.

Originally from Brazil, she now calls Maryland home where she picked up the hobbies of tennis and skiing. After rescuing her dog Luigi five years ago, she advocates for the cause and helps animal shelters in Brazil.

Building a champions program from scratch

In 2019, Elastic launched a pilot program to reward and recognize their community’s efforts. In 2020, that became a global contributor program.

Despite dealing with a pandemic and other challenges, they were able to accomplish awesome results that impacted community growth and engagement, while bringing unexpected benefits for the company.

In this talk, Ully will share her experience of creating a champions program from scratch with plenty of advice for other DevRel folks that are considering implementing a similar program in their company.

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