Olena Kutsenko

Developer Advocate


Olena is a software engineer and a developer advocate working at Aiven.

You can see her talking a lot about Apache Kafka, ClickHouse, and other open source technologies. But in her free time she actually
enjoys learning about science and reading everything from outer space to how body cells function.

As a kid her favourite type of book was encyclopaedias, proving that people don’t change when they grow up.

Olena was born in Ukraine, but currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Using science to calm your nerves before public speaking

DevRel, and in particular Developer Advocates, are known for their excellent public speaking skills, looking very relaxed on stage, talking smoothly on camera, and exerting a high level of calmness in front of large audiences.

But does it mean that those speakers are born that way? Definitely not! In fact, anxiety of public speaking is part of almost all of us, ranging from tolerable nervousness to paralysing fear.

Spoiler alert: as long as we care about our topic and our audience, nervousness never completely goes away. However, controlling public speaking fear is a skill that we can learn.

In this session Olena will share behavioural tools based on physiology and science, that you can use to handle the anxiety before and during your talk. Together with Olena you’ll glimpse beyond the surface at what happens with our bodies when we experience stress and anxiety and how the discoveries in latest research can help us use those uncomfortable feelings to our advantage.

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