Kevin Lewis

Senior Developer Advocate

Kevin is a Developer Advocate and Director of You Got This – a learning hub to help developers improve their core skills. He is an avid boardgamer, tired dad, and shameless Disney adult.

Beyond the kitchen sink: making the case for small demos

As developers, we want to showcase our products in the best light, providing beautiful and complete demos for others to learn from. But with completeness can come unnecessary additions and opinions which don’t support developers in extracting the knowledge they need to be successful. In this talk, Kevin will discuss how to understand the user needs for your demos, and how to build learning experiences that both highlight core features and make them easy for your users to apply. You’ll leave with a framework for designing fantastic and impactful demos.

Many educators worry about the ‘completeness’ of demos before publishing them as standalone pieces or with accompanying material. Complete demos certainly have a place, but they can a) distract from the key learning and b) be opinionated in a way which increases complexity.

This talk will cover how to understand the user needs of a demo, how to deliver on those needs, and how to avoid being distracted by perfectionism.

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