Cat McGee

Head of Developer Relations


Full stack engineer turned blockchain developer turned web3 advocate. Cat now leads the developer relations strategy for some of the biggest leaders in the blockchain space. She is involved in the centre for humane technology and views web3 as a chance to progress those values.

Addressing Web3 skepticism for DevRel

Web3 is here to stay. And if you’re planning to be in developer relations over the next ten years, then you’ll either work directly with web3 technologies or the developers you target will have them somewhere in their tech stack.

Like any new technology, while finding its feet web3 has been used and misused in ways that distract from the positives. In this talk, Cat will address the concerns people have with blockchain and related technologies. She’ll also look at how developers are driving the evolution of web3 and the different role that developers play in web3 communities compared to other developer communities. Lastly, Cat will share the growing role of DevRel in web3 and what opportunities you might find there.

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