Brandon West

Advocacy Team Lead


Brandon has been working as a web developer since 1999 and in developer relations since 2011. His experience ranges from writing data-heavy applications at consultancies and agencies to building developer advocacy teams for successful startups like SendGrid and leading global organizations at AWS. He’s an Advocacy Team Lead at Datadog, focusing on making developers more productive.

How effective DevRel helps build great companies

Building trust with developers is great for your product, but it’s also great for growing your team and establishing credibility for your business.

In this talk, you’ll hear from Brandon West on how an effective DevRel program can showcase and reinforce culture and values, attract top talent, and build trust in a brand. Learn what makes tech companies attractive places to work, which aspects of the DevRel job can be most effective for building your brand, how to take advantage of opportunities in the field, how storytelling can demonstrate company culture, how internal advocacy can help tie all these things together, and more.

Many DevRel teams are passively helping with recruiting and reinforcing company brand. For those that have the resources, actively pursuing these goals can have a long-term impact on both company success and the visibility and credibility of a DevRel program. Often there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit to be picked and existing programs can be tweaked slightly to help.

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