Benjamin Bryant

Developer Advocate


Benjamin Bryant was a backend engineer that used Go over the past 4 years of his career and has found the projects he’s most enjoyed working on, were those that involved leaving a positive impact on others. Hence why he is now taking his first tentative steps into the Developer Relations world.

From standup comedy, to acting, to podcasts, to writing a fantasy novel that received a 5-star review from his mother, to now running one of the largest Go Meetups in Europe. Benjamin is never one to shy from putting his foot forward. And he is confident in his ability to grow from his experiences and help others along the way.


Diversity and inclusion in tech. Who bears responsibility?

Through interviews and real life accounts of groups of people abstracted into entities known as The Company, The Majority, and The Marginalized Benjamin will cover how people both shirk and assume responsibility for diversity and inclusion in tech and how those responsibilities can change based on what position you’re in.

Developer Relations is almost synonymous with community. Whether you want them to, your actions can define who feels welcome and what behaviour is tolerated. Being able to recognise your bias, expanding your awareness, and being open to learning from your mistakes are key to understanding what it might take to improve the awareness and inclusivity of your community.

With this topic it is very easy to pass the buck, and it isn’t hard to justify to yourself to do so. But, if there’s one thing Benjamin would want to be the takeaway from this talk it is this: Yes, you don’t have to do everything, but everybody can do something, no matter how small or big it may seem. Why not empower them?

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