Alena Osipova

Tech Community Manager

Alena is Tech Community Manager at – a leading global travel tech company headquartered in the Czech Republic. At she manages the internal tech community – Her mission is to support citizens of the Engineering Department in sharing their tech stories on all relevant platforms.

Alena lives in Prague with her two extremely-popular-on-Twitter cats (check out #gingythecat). Apart from having a passion for tech community building, she is a big fan of punk rock and craft beer.

One DevRel hat and 500 devs to wear it is an internal community of developers that has been nurturing the past seven years. But why does a global travel tech company need an internal tech community and a community team to take care of it?

Buckle up! In this talk, Alena will take you on a journey to discover the power of the internal community! She will share how tech companies can approach promoting engineering culture using DevRel tools for employer branding, professional growth, and developer wellbeing.

You will learn more about the business value of the internal tech community, the secret superpowers of the engineers (and how to support those superpowers), measurements, and some amusing stories of the whole department ‘sharing one DevRel hat’ 🙂

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